What Is A Cartomizer?


If you have been considering making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it is important for you to learn about each part of the e-cigarette and understand the parts function. Once you understand how e-cigarettes work, you can perform needed maintenance on your new e-cigarette and even refill your e-cigarette which will save you quite a bit of money over time. One component of the e-cigarette is the cartomizer. But what is a cartomizer for an e-cigarette?

A cartomizer is the part of the e-cigarette designed to deliver the e-liquid and convert it into vapor for inhaling. Most cartomizers consist of a small heating element surrounded by a poly-foam that holds the e-liquid. This liquid is then heated by the heating element and converted into vapor that one inhales while using the e-cigarette. These heating elements do wear out over time and must be replaced and you can usually tell when it is time to replace the cartomizer when the vapor begins to develop a burnt taste to it instead of the pleasant flavor it was designed to deliver. Excluding the disposable brands of e-cigarettes, most cartomizers can be easily replaced on any model even if they aren’t advertised as replaceable.

Cartomizers can be used with or without additional e-liquid tanks. These tanks provide storage for additional e-liquid so your e-cigarette will last longer before you have to refill the e-liquid. The term, cartotank, has been used to refer to cartomizers used in conjunction with larger e-liquid tanks. Depending on the brand of e-cigarette you choose, you may be using a cartotank instead of a simple cartomizer. Installation and replacing of these cartomizers are slightly different from the standard model requiring the cartomizer to be inserted into a tube connected to the tank so the liquid may reach the heating element.

There are many components to an e-cigarette and knowing how each and every one of them work is important for you to properly maintain your e-cigarette. Properly maintaining your e-cigarette and replacing the cartomizer when necessary will ensure your new e-cigarette functions at its best so you can have the best e-cigarette smoking experience that will not only last you a long time, but also save you a lot of money over time.

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Victory E Cig Review


Electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular in modern times thanks to the fact that they are potentially far healthier than real cigarettes, offering a cleaner solution to the natural nicotine products. they are also popular as they can offer more for the money. As well as this, they are also popular as they are less dangerous than real cigarettes, which have been responsible for house fires around the world. Victory is a brand that are one one of the most popular in the electronic cigarette industry and have released a selection of products that will appeal to users that have a wide range of electronic smoking experience.

Victory are probably best known for their disposable electronic cigarette range, which can be obtained both in a tobacco flavor, as well as a menthol flavor. They are designed to offer a relatively long user experience and the vapor is of an effective quality. The device comes ready to use with a ready-charged battery and can be useful for those that are out and about in town or in transit, and have left their electronic cigarettes at home.

The electronic cigarettes in the victory range are available in several different interesting flavors, such as coffee, chocolate and blueberry. They have a good amount of vapor that can be drawn from the devices. However, they are not as strong as some of the other brands that are currently on the market and have a relatively low nicotine content.

Victory are also thoughtful when designing their electronic cigarettes and have developed a product that does not contain any tobacco. The range of electronic cigarettes that victory have developed should appeal to a wide range of users, as the devices are well made and offer a good smoking experience. The brand are not as strong as some of the other options on the market and this may not appeal to everyone.

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The Dangers of E-Cigarette Use


E-Cigarettes have grown in popularity over the last several years and are quickly becoming the cigarette of the 21st Century.  They are marketed as a safe alternative to smoking and are even used in many smoking cessation programs.  But how safe are they really?

1.  E-Cigarettes are addictive

E-Cigarettes contain no tobacco but they still contain a liquid that contains nicotine which is highly addictive.  While e-cigarettes may be used as part of many smoking cessation programs, you can still become addicted to e-cigarettes if you do not carefully monitor your nicotine intake.

2.  E-Cigarettes are unregulated

While more and more states have begun to take the issue of e-cigarette regulation under advisement, e-cigarettes are still largely unregulated which means it is possible to get an e-cigarette with almost anything in it.  In addition, because of the lack of regulation and the ease at which you can order these devices online, children have greater access to e-cigarettes which can lead to kids using the devices and becoming addicted to nicotine.

3.  Metal traces in E-Cigarette vapor

Several studies have shown that small particles of tin, copper and nickel have been found in the e-cigarette vapor.  These metals are highly toxic to the body and will cause lung damage if you inhale them over a period of time.

4.  Danger to children and pets

Tobacco based cigarettes don’t smell the greatest as you well know but the liquid in e-cigarettes often smell quite good and even taste good containing various flavorings such as strawberry, cherry and even cookies and cream.  Pets and children alike may be more likely to consume the liquid which can be very dangerous for both animal and child.

5.  True health danger unknown

One of the biggest factors concerning e-cigarettes is because they are so new there is very little research available concerning the health effects of e-cigarettes and nobody knows yet what the long term effects will be for users of e-cigarettes.

While the consensus is that e-cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes contain a fraction of the chemicals than that in tobacco, the truth is no one really knows how dangerous e-cigarettes are to your health.  If you do choose to switch to e-cigarettes, you are no doubt making a healthier choice but you must realize you are still inhaling dangerous chemicals into your body and they could adversely affect your health over time.

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